An Obsession

Once you try Oxygn™ and experience the benefits, you’ll become obsessed.

Unlock more, naturally

Oxygn™ is created using proprietary nano technology to deliver an exceptionally high level of oxygen in water. We infuse water with ultra fine saturated nano bubbles to offer a hydration solution and more. Combined with magnesium, our Active Body+ (TGA Listed AustL: 446733) and Sport Hydration+ with glucose and sodium (TGA Listed AustL: 446734) may help you go further and recover faster, naturally.  You will become obsessed!

Real-time recovery

Real-time recovery

OXYGN™ applies a process known as cavitation, purified water passes through a specialised valve creating nano scale bubbles, 1/1,000th of the size found in normal water. These ultra-fine nano water bubbles help us absorb heightened levels of oxygen into our blood stream at a faster rate, repairing our bodies from toxins or stresses, quicker.

When we’re actively engaging in exercise, our bodies produce lactate, which leads to cramping and soreness. By drinking OXYGN™, enhanced levels of oxygen that become available in our body help the liver clear lactate quicker, rapidly increasing recovery time.

It’s not just for exercise. In everyday life our organs are increasingly processing other toxins. OXYGN™ may increase the speed of toxin clearance, so you feel better, faster.

The real game-changer is not waiting for our bodies to become stressed; rather, having heightened levels of oxygen available at all times.

Next-level nano technology

Oxygn™ not only delivers exceptionally high levels of oxygen into the bloodstream, it also becomes a vehicle to more effectively deliver active ingredients and super-charge Oxygn’s™ efficacy which may:

  • Reducing symptoms of dehydration and cramping
  • Improving muscle relaxation, performance and stamina.

OXYGN’s™ easy to absorb ultra-fine nano bubbles may deliver electrolytes more efficiently than standard water-based drinks.

It’s this combination of highly effective active ingredients and unrivalled delivery that makes OXYGN™ unlike any hydration drink available today.

Active Body + (TGA Listed AustL: 446733) and Sport Hydration + (TGA Listed AustL: 446734)

Where many products claim to help, most lack any credible evidence. Worse, they use artificial stimulants to mask their ineffectiveness. OXYGN™ is listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to deliver real performance outcomes.

May reduce symptoms of dehydration

May reduce muscle cramps

May support muscle relaxation

May promote physical endurance

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