Oxygn™ Active Body +

(AustL: 446733)

Oxygn™’s easy-to-absorb ultra-fine nano bubbles infused with magnesium may assist in relieving symptoms of dehydration and muscle cramps, while supporting muscle relaxation and physical endurance.

Non-carbonated oral liquid, mixed berry taste.

$94.80 / 500ml x 12

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Ingredients: Purified water 98.75 mg/mL, berry flavour PI110322 1.00 micrograms/mL, blackberry flavour PI110321 0.75 micrograms/mL.
Active ingredient: Magnesium citrate 750micrograms/mL (equiv. to magnesium 120 micrograms/mL).
Contains: Potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

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Nanotechnology isn’t simply working on smaller scales, it’s about unlocking unique properties only available at the nanoscale.

Australian made

Ultra fine nano bubbles


Glass and aluminium recyclable

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